Changes in my practice

Activity 8: Changes in my practice

Over the course of my teaching career, I have engaged in many professional learning opportunities. I have attended and been involved in staff meetings, professional development days, and whole school events to name a just a few.

And sure, we all want to continue to grow as teachers, spend more time upskilling, learning new things as well as wanting to read more poetry, do more sit-ups and eat more chocolate, we may want to take up the violin and accomplish one kind act per day. And yet, when we make these decisions—enthusiastically in the middle of night, or say yes to things when they are presented to us, without realising the implications we tend to wake up the next morning and wonder how we are going to fit everything in. This was exactly the case when I registered for the Mindlab course, ‘how on earth was I going to fit in more study in an already exceptionally busy schedule?’

And yet here I am nearing the end of the course. There have been many late nights and lots of weekend work over the course of the last few months.

So has it been worth it? What does this mean to me as a leader of learning and more importantly as a teacher in the classroom?

As technology is constantly adapting and changing, it is essential as teachers that we keep up to date, as it is a huge part of teaching in the 21st century. Learning is definitely a lifelong process, and I have definitely realised that although I have many years of experience as a teacher, this does not make me an expert. It is crucial we are aware of this concept and engage in continuous learning throughout our professional career of teaching.

Engaging in Mindlab has allowed me the opportunity to directly apply what I have learnt to my teaching. I feel more empowered in preparing my students to succeed in this changing world, how to communicate effectively, and how to think critically and solve problems.

My work as a teacher and as a person active in the world around me is never going to be complete. I will probably never finish my to-do list; I will always have something new to learn, something else to share with others or another strategy or resource to create, disseminate and evaluate. If I had to narrow it down to one specific area, it will be on effective utilisation of research applications relevant to my subject area, namely Technology.


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